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Justin Southworth

 August Moon

Nutritional supplements


August Moon Nutritional Supplements


Justin Southworth is the founder and lead creator of August Moon.  I have meticulously worked to design each supplement to correct nutritonal imbalances that may contribute to imbalances or illnesses within the body.   I beleive that you first look at what nutrients you are not geting from your diet that is contrinbuting to your health issues.

August Moon Supplements are all 100% Organic, Vegan and Produced in Glass Bottles. 

All August Moon prudicts are designed to help you get the nutrients missing from your diet and with organic herbs that synergistically work with your body and thiose nutrients to help you feel your best.


Justin Southworth Psychic Medium

Medical Medium 


 I am Justin, a medical intuitive who has been working in the health food industry for over 2 decades.  I have honed in my skills and become and expert on nutritonal supplements and how deficiencies in certain nutrients contribute to many different health issues.  

Our lives are busy! It is not possible to eat all the foods necessary to get every nutrient we need and in the amounts necessary to keep us healthy all the time. 

I do private consultations to help people learn how to correct these imbalances in nutrition so you can feel your best and live your healthiest life now.

You can schedule private medical intuition readings with me to discuss your health concerns and begin your path to wholeness, where you feel better each day.  




Sharon Danner, Draper,Utah

I have known Justin for many years.  He used to rent a space in the office of a business I owned.  I used to overhear him giving clients readings.  When they asked him questions it always supprised me what answers he would give them.  They always loved what he said and he had many repeat clients.

I have also had many readings for myself with Justin.  He is very accurate and conected to spirit.

Rachael Bryman, Arcata,California

Justin and I worked in the health food store together. I was always impressed with his knowledge on nutritional supplements.  He has given me several consultations.  All his information has helped me feel better and have more energy.  I think of him whenever I am not feeling my best, he always guides me back to feeling good again.